The Pope and the Serial Killer


Both men enter a greenhouse of beautiful garden flowers. The scent of flowers is intoxicating. There’re tulips, daisies, carnations, orchids and daffodils already planted and blooming. The only thing missing in our imaginary greenhouse are roses. Both men plant a single bush of red roses side by side at the same time. Both men fertilize and water their roses every week at the same time.

Can you tell me which rose bush is going to bloom?

The Universe does not make a judgment as to whose roses are going to bloom. The sun shines on both sets of rose bushes. Both bushes bloom and produce beautiful award-winning red roses. What’s my point? We were not born with the “skill” to judge. Judging is a man-made behavior. (UvM)

Let’s go back to the questions.

· Do you think the Universe cares about how you look?

· Do you think the Universe cares about how much money you make?

· Do you think the Universe cares about how much you weigh, or how old you are or your educational level?

· Do you think the Universe cares about your title?

If you’ve attended “Spirituality 101,” you know the answer to all of the above questions is an emphatic NO! The Universe doesn’t even recognize the above concepts and expectations. But man does. That’s why I choose to align with concepts of the Universe and the Universe alone.

I was brainwashed to think that if I didn’t live up to man-made expectations, I wasn’t successful. Successful by whose standards, and more importantly, who defines success? For an example: If I wasn’t married, there was something wrong. If I was married and didn’t have any children, there was something wrong. When you align with team M.A.N., there’ll never be a shortage of judgments to choose from. All judgments are man-made; and when you judge, you are choosing to subtract from your happiness! Why would I want to indulge in a behavior that subtracts from my happiness? That’s CrAzY!

When I developed the new habit of recognizing the differences between Man-consciousness and Universal-consciousness, it became really easy for me to choose the team I want to play for.

The Universe LOVES regardless of what you do and the Universe LOVES regardless of what you don’t do. During the last couple of years, I’ve applied this philosophy to everyone in my life, from family and friends to co-workers. I’m thrilled to share this: ALL of my relationships have improved. I love, regardless of what they do or say; and I love regardless of what they don’t do or say.


·When you know you are eternal, you will develop unwavering patience.

· When you know everything is in order, you will develop trust.

· When you know everything that happens “to” you has an ultimate purpose for your betterment, you will develop wisdom.

· When you know there is nothing you have to do…there is only what you are inspired to do…you will develop peace.

·When you know who you really are, you will always be happy. -rln-

Go Team Universe! Cost of Admission: Wanting to be Happy!


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