I’m Glad You’re Here!  I am SO excited!

thumb_doreen_gumaI’ve been waiting for you!

You, like me, have taken a huge step in enjoying life.

You see, I had been a tortured soul for most of my life.  I lived a long time believing I wasn’t good enough.  Do you feel that way right now? 

That is the primary reason why I started Time to Play.  To learn what I needed so I could enjoy life.  Now I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Certified Professional Life Coach ready to help you and others enjoy life, too.  (As a side note – this is really so exciting, too! — I, along with 17 contributors, recently wrote a VERY powerful self-help book! See www.IfIKnewthenBook.com for more info and a sample read.

For whatever reason, many of us believe things that may not be true.  It is, perhaps, just our own perception, something our mind has conjured up, a story of sorts, that we create.

To explain what I’m getting at, let’s make a fake scenario for illustration purposes.  Let’s say you go to the diner to get some breakfast.  The waitress ignores you at first, and then finally comes over and acts like you are not, AT ALL, important.  Most of us will react in one of two ways.  We can be outraged about the service, OR, if there are other life events also occurring simultaneously – for example, we might be experiencing a family issue, a problem at work, a relationship conflict, (or something like these) we might take the waitress’ behavior personally.

Worse yet, her behavior might continue to compound our internal negative feelings that we are experiencing at that time.  Our experience at the diner might even make our belief that we are unimportant, that we don’t matter or that we’re not good enough, even worse.

I totally made up this scenario, but you may have experienced feelings where things just go wrong in a day that evolves into a downward spiral.

Maybe your day of downward spiraling is more than a day and maybe your feelings of being in that downward spiral have lasted a week, a month, a year, or longer.  Maybe you feel like your downward spiral, stuck, or negative feelings have lasted an eternity.

I know I took a lot of things said or done by others personally, and that my mind created scenarios that, in all probability, were never intended in the way I perceived.  When you’re feeling hurt or stuck it’s really hard to not take things so personally…

BUT…. Everything is going to change.

Why?  Because YOU can make it change.

YOU can take that first step and begin to believe you are worthy of a good life, that you are worthy to enjoy your life, that you can love yourself, have confidence, meet your goals, and live your dreams.

We all have amazing power within ourselves.  We all have the ability to start fresh, every day.

We can even start fresh 100 times a day if we need to!

The most important, and most exciting thing, is that we are here and we are ready to start.  NO ONE but ourselves can take that first step to head down a new path… to find ways to become happy, healthy to have money or to even find that evasive work life balance (these four areas make up the Time to Play Philosophy).

No one but ourselves can seek that perfect love relationship, even if we have tried many times unsuccessfully to find the “one”, or even if we have experienced messy break-ups.  No one but ourselves can get us out of debt and take steps to become financially secure so we can actually sleep through the night without having panic attacks.  No one but ourselves can make us start eating healthy or get us to adopt an exercise routine to avoid or turn-around an illness.  No one but ourselves can decide we’re working way too hard, and that we’re finally ready to find ways to manage our time better, or streamline processes, so we have time left over in our day to enjoy life.  OR, maybe it’s finally time to find that new job… that dream job; or maybe it’s time to pursue the career we’ve always wanted to become when we grew up; or maybe it’s time to start our own business like we’ve dreamed about doing forever…

YES, we’ve been expecting you.

Each of the team member coaches at Time to Play have all been there, done that.  I have personally invited and checked out the credentials of each and every coach who is on this resource site.

Through our experiences, and our education, we are able to take what we’ve learned and we’re here to help YOU, a MOST amazing person, to move forward.  These coaches are AMAZING, and they have so much to offer to help you do just that.

Hey – it is finally time for you to play… and it is truly time for each of us to learn what we need so we can enjoy life.

We are honored and humbled by your presence.

Let’s work together to enjoy life.

Each of our team members offers individual and group coaching, via web or in- person. We are also available to speak at your workplace or at a seminar or expo.  Please click on the appropriate team member for more information, call 631-331-2675, or email: info@timetoplay.com for more information.

With much love for your happiness,


Doreen Guma, MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC


Time to Play

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Coaches available include:  Life Coaches, Financial Planners, Real Estate, Travel, etc….