Watch the “I Am America Video” 

I am America.

I am the PTA mom, the factory worker, the teacher, the police officer, the grocery store worker, the nurse, the soldier, the office staff, the mechanic, the small business owner, the “worker bee”.

I am the person who makes things happen – the person who rescues puppies, walks for cancer and fights for causes.

I am the motor that makes this great country run. I am the person with hopes and dreams and, like those before me, the person who builds America. I am the person trying to live the American Dream and own my own house.

I am the single mom, the single dad, the family trying to make ends meet.

I am the person who is hit the hardest when there is a new tax, fee or charge, when gas, oil and electric prices get higher, when bills get more expensive, when there are service and transportation cuts.

I am the person forced to make do with less resources and when money doesn’t go as far.

I am America. I matter.

© 2010 Doreen L. Guma