The Time to Play Foundation is not a counseling or wellness center.  We are a not for profit advocacy organization that believes everyone deserves and has the power within to enjoy their life. Our focus is on the positive and the possibilities of every person and every community.  We are founded on the principles of people helping people and collaboration = success and believe everyone has something to offer (information and/or talents) that can help another. What can you contribute?

The following programs focus on a different approach other than the recovery and reinvention so prevalent today.  We focus on the positive and the possibilities and that you can PREinvent YOUR Life.  Get Started Today!

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Please contact Doreen at 631-331-2675 or email to learn more and to register.  

Programs are also available by telephone and skype.

Note – this is a partial list. Please contact and let us know what you need to enjoy life us so we can recommend the right empowerment and motivation for you!


PREinvent Your Life® — SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL INTELLEGENCE COACHING: For your better life, work environment and relationships
Social and Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and manage our relationships. Doreen believes social and emotional intelligence is the root of all behavior, and that this learned behavior can improve how we manage our emotions, our reactions and our relationships and is essential in creating our quality of life. Deficiencies in social and emotional intelligence heighten a spectrum of risks from depression or the development of a self destructive behavior. It’s never too late to improve our social and emotional intelligence.

Donation: Survey tool evaluation: $75 | Individual Coaching: $50 per session | Group sessions are forming

Program by: Doreen Guma, MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC, Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Doreen holds a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Masters in Business & Policy Studies, is a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives, a Certified Life Coach and Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Doreen is the author of the book, If I Knew Then What I Know Now, Our Quest for Quality of Life and the founder of the Time to Play Foundation. She believes everyone has tremendous power within and the ability to enjoy life.

RELATIONSHIP COACHING: The Importance of Happiness coaching: Is it possible to reduce and eventually eliminate toxic emotions (irritation, anger, sadness, disappointment) that subtract from your happiness? Rebecca says YES! This coaching program is designed to empower you with life- changing information. Learn how to improve:

• Your relationships with others, yourself and with life.
• Why is happiness so important
• How to choose your emotions
• And just how powerful you truly are!

Donation: $50 per session
Program by: Rebecca Norrington BS in Psychology, aside from teaching the Importance of Happiness, her professional journey has included several vocations Happiness Specialist, Speaker, Author, Radio & TV Host, AFAA Certified Fitness Coach and Reiki Practitioner
Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly making conscious or unconscious choices in every moment that will either add or subtract from your happiness. ~Rebecca L. Norrington

Enjoy Life Community® Project:  See


Understanding Our Health & Wellness: Are you feeling tired, have pain, and don’t have the energy you once had? If you don’t feel well you don’t feel good. Understanding our own Health and Wellness allows us to free ourselves from ailments that are blocking our happiness.

• Hormones as the Root Cause-Lets Balance
• Fatigue –What’s Causing it and How to Fix it

• Vitamins & Herbals-What I Should Take
• Plus many, many more.

Donation: Cost $20/class or $175 / 1 year of classes. Individual and private consults available.

Program by: Melissa Stockman RN, BC-ANP, PNP, will offer programs focused on discovering the ROOT of our health issues by using traditional western medicine and eastern holistic alternatives to help detect health issues early, disease prevention, and even reversing the damage done.

Shopping & Nutrition for Better Health: This course will help you become a more informed consumer, be a better food shopper, and save money. Learn how to read and understand nutrition labels to get the most value and benefit from your food, with tips for easy preparation and how to store food to avoid waste.

Health Benefits of Plant-Based Diets: Medical doctors and health organizations endorse adding more plant-based foods, and limiting meat consumption. This course will teach you about the nutrition and benefits of these foods, and how to make them a natural and easy part of your meal plan. Recipes will be given, and preparation and cooking techniques will be discussed.

Stress Reduction: Stress can come from many sources, and can impact our health and happiness. Learn stress management techniques that can be used in any situation or place, including breathing exercises, stretching, meditation and visualization, and experience a guided meditation. How to apply these techniques in the workplace will also be discussed.

Donation: Range from $40 to $150. Programs can be done in group or individual sessions.

Program by: Tami Racaniello is a speaker and wellness expert, certified in providing holistic stress management, nutritional guidance, and health coaching. Tami’s easy tips and programs have helped many people have a healthier and better quality of life.


Money problems are one of the most stressful things in our lives. Learning how to manage the money you have and finding ways to bring more financial security into your life is a key component to living happy. We have programs for personal finances as well as small Business.

Coping With Debt: Debt collection, debt management, debt relief, debt settlement… Debt is a four-letter word that can be emotionally paralyzing Learn the pros and cons of different options for getting out of debt and how to recognize debt-related scams and frauds.

Credit and the Job Hunt: Employers are increasingly using credit reports to screen potential employees. Learn how to obtain and read your own credit reports, how to clean up your report and understand common myths about credit.

Donation: One-On-One Consultation $150 | Group Session $25pp

Program by: Michael Diaz, member of the National Association of Certified Credit Counselors and President of IslandWide Credit Counselors, Inc.


Too much time at work or at home creates an imbalanced life. We have programs that can put you back on a level field, help you find the “what’s next”, and help you have a more balanced life.

Transitions:– The goal for ‘Now what? – embracing the change of transitions, accepting your “now” (mindset), the blank
canvas, Daring to dream, What are some options – have you considered….. Start painting…

Become Time Rich: The goal for time rich is to walk away knowing the best use of their time during the day. Learn how to
invest time, NOT spend time.

Exit To Freedom: Baby Boomer Business Owners exit to a retirement lifestyle

Donation: Half day “boot camp” $97. Other options for individual coaching available.

Program by: Lee Munch, Master Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer will be offering financial advice and coaching for individuals and groups, business growth.


So Many Options, and, this list is not complete! Contact us to find the program that’s perfect for you and/or your organization’s unique needs.

Enjoy Life Community® Corporate Program: A day at your office CAN affect your bottom line. Imagine an environment where employees, management and ownership LOVE going to work. Our program will increase workplace harmony, teamwork, wellness, moral, attendance, retention, productivity and PROFIT.  Contact us at 631-331-2675 or email: for more information.

Business and Personal Development Coaching — Topics available include:

Marketing Mastery Academy (MMA) – Master Marketing with little or no budget
Pipeline Mastery Academy (PMA) – Master your Sales process without selling
Client Mastery Academy (CMA) – Master keeping your clients for life
Team Mastery Academy (TMA) – Master your leadership to have a great team
Business Breakthrough (small group coaching)
Fast Track 1 on 1 coaching
Power Results 1 on 1 coaching
More Money Now
5 Steps to Masterful Marketing
5 Steps to Business Success
Money Members & Money Masters Monthly Education
Small Business Group Coaching
Masterful Marketing

Donation: Various. Please call for more details

Programs by: Lee Munch, Master Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer will be offering financial advice and coaching for individuals and groups, business growth.

Coaching for Improved Performance & Results
Developing the Heart of a Champion
Improving Performance & Results

Donation: Various. Please call for more details

Programs by: Jerry S. Siegel is President of JASB Management Inc., Long Island’s resource for developing people and organizations. A CPA in his first career, Jerry trains and coaches leaders in communication, delegation, goal setting, leadership, management, motivation, personal organization & development, supervision, team building and time management.

Please contact Doreen at 631-331-2675 or email to learn more and to register.  

Programs are also available by telephone and skype.

Note – this is a partial list. Please contact and let us know what you need to enjoy life us so we can recommend the right empowerment and motivation for you!