Being Time Rich – Luncheon 1/12/2017

Program Overview:  

Time is more than money, it’s our most valuable asset. The most important decisions you make every day is how to spend your time. This is true for professional and personal time.

Being time rich is about understanding the tasks and actions that are valuable to you, in aspects of your life, and selecting how to spend your time.

Have you ever felt stress from “running out of time”?

Have you ever wished you had “more time”?

Learn techniques to…

  • accomplish more in less time
  • optimize your efforts to make the time more effective

Being time rich is a way of life so that you can make the most of work and play!

Our educational luncheon is for busy professionals who want to learn to spend time wisely! In 2 1/2 hours you’ll have time to network with the sponsors, listen to 9 great speakers, enjoy a terrific lunch, and play!

***This event will be unlike any other you’ve attended this year because it’s not just about business, this time it’s personal too!***


Call For Speakers:

Do you want to participate in this amazing program as a speaker?

This educational lunch event is for business professionals who want to learn how to spend time more wisely. It’s more than just saving time at work, is about looking holistically at life and making the most of every day, all day.

The topics will cover aspects of professional and personal time, and need to offer techniques to either save time or optimize time.


Presentation Requirements:

All workshops need to relate to “time”.


Each presentation will be “Ted Talk” style (8 minutes long = 90 minutes = 9 presentations), will have 1 PPT slide with three main points: Planning, Execution, and Enrichment

  • Planning – what type of planning is required for the topic
  • Execution – what will it take to put the topic into practice
  • Enrichment – will this reduce the amount of time for the task or increase the value of the time spent on the task


Presentation Suggestions — Be Creative 🙂  — We want this to be an event like no other!

  1. Clone yourself! Best practices for working with virtual assistants.
  2. How to be in two places at one time! Digital marketing tools.
  3. Prioritize!
  4. Rejuvenation! Time to Play!
  5. Building a team! How to outsource.
  6. Prevent a disaster! Cyber Security
  7. Family Matters! When you need help at home.
  8. Partnerships


If you are interested in being a speaker please complete Being Time Rich speaker registration form

Speakers will be selected and announced on September 19, 2016. (Speakers are not paid but will receive a gift for participation, lunch and acknowledgement as a sponsor on the Time to Play Foundation website, over a $240 value.)  Additionally, an in-kind, tax deductible donation may be possible in exchange for your professional presentation.


Our marketing plan includes profiling our speakers, and we expect the speakers to assist with promoting the event via social media. There will be a content calendar included in the speaker packet for all approved presentations.


Any questions, give us a call:  631-331-2675 or email


Please complete and submit the Being Time Rich speaker registration form and email it to