Jackie Vacchio

Jackie Vacchio has been a public school educator for 28 years, and is NYS certified in secondary education. Early in her career, Jackie was fortunate to have been the recipient of the Lucy Caulkins Fellowship from Hofstra University. At that time, the Reading and Writing Departments aligned their curriculum with that of Columbia University, so she learned from the very best. Jackie was also a Graduate Assistant for the chairpersons of the Reading and Writing Departments at Hofstra which has proven to be an invaluable experience even today.

Educating students on the fringe of young adulthood inspired Jackie to create the Leadership Academy in her school. Students are trained to explore the behaviors and habits of civil leadership in a culturally diverse classroom setting. Time spent on ethics and defining morality allows students to explore their own internal moral compass which sets the stage for positive fruitful choices.

Jackie is a supporter of the Time To Play Foundation since its foundation is built upon the belief that one does not have to be bound by or to life’s misfortunes. The Time to Play Foundation encourages, teaches, and supports the notion that one can intercept poor choices and PRE-invent their future. One’s destiny is becomes a dynamic piece in the journey of life; it’s all about changing your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. The future can be brighter than our life circumstances may lead us to believe. Jackie is proud and excited to be a part of a program inspires hope.