Linda Alagna

Linda Alagna is a Long Island Resident.  Among the many hats she wears is :

  • New York State Certified Addiction Recovery Coach
  • New York State Certiified Recovery Peer Advocate
  • New York State Peer Specialist
  • Train The Trainer  – Science of Addiction and Recovery (SOARS)
  • Train The Trainer –  Our Voices Have Power
  • Volunteer Narcan Trainer – Community Action for Social Justice
  • New York State Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Public Health Advocate
  • Active Member of Rolling Thunder Inc
  • Passionate Mother

Over the last 10 years, Linda’s engagement within the Long Island Addiction Community has taken her into several areas of recovery

In 2012, Linda witnessed her own child overdosing, and after that incident , she became impassioned and educated on what has happened with our youth here in New York

Through social media, she began an online support group called, “Bikers Against Heroin New York”, and single handedly grew the numbers of the group to over 1500+ , which led to a number of events on Long Island.

In 2014, she began her journey to become a Recovery Coach using her lived experience and her own relationship with substance and mental health issues and it’s effect on the family unit. When we say that addiction is a family disease, Linda is known to actually show up at a family home that needs her assistance.

As a Narcan trainer, Linda has done presentation to various groups throughout Long Island.  The overall focus on this education is something she has learned though her advocacy and her own personal experience

Linda’s personal commitment to recovery and passion, enable her to assist family member and their loved ones to overcome obstacles and empower the family unit.