Janice Talento

Janice lives in Massapequa with her husband and three children, ages 26, 24 and 18, all have attended Massapequa School District. She has been happily married to her high school sweetheart for 32 years.

Janice has been born and raised on Long Island. She is an alumnus of the Hicksville School District. This is where her passion for giving back to community originated. In high school she worked with many other teenagers on a haunted house in Broadway mall to raise money for MS, which was sponsored by the Islander’s Hockey team and many of their players.

After high school Janice attended Nassau Community College, where she obtained an AA in Business & Marketing. She attended Hofstra University in 2007 to take classes in Finance.

Janice has always worked at giving back to the community, and helping those in need. She has a tremendous amount of experience in it; has done it wholeheartedly. She was a Girl Scout leader from 1994-2004, as well as a Boys Scout leader from 2001-2006.

Janice and her family relocated to Audubon Pennsylvania from 1995-2001. She continued her community serves there as well. There, she worked at the YMCA, which ignited her realization for the need and importance of community centers; to enhance the experience a child/adult can have where they are able to reach their potential.

Janice sat on the home/school association in Pennsylvania as Secretary and Vice President. She also served on the PTA of elementary school in NY as fundraiser coordinator.

Faith and education are very important to Janice and her family. She shared her combined passion of both by becoming a catechist for 16 years. She started it in Pennsylvania, and continued to serve for in New York.

Having worked in the financial field for 5 years has given Janice the marketing and business experience necessary to help build a profitable business and community center.

As supervisor of a mental health/community program nonprofit agency Janice learned the problems that face people of all ages and from all communities. Patience, understanding and experience in these fields are all something learned through day to day working with these clients so that you can help make their day to day living easier.

Janice founded Drug Free Long Island in 2009. She works with counseling centers, treatment centers and schools to educate parents and children to help save lives and make our community stronger. She coordinates educational programs, run fundraiser and events for the whole community.

Janice is a member of the following organizations: Leadership council for LICADD, Assemblyman Saladino Task Force, Prevention Resource Center, Community of Solutions, Long Island Youth Safety Coalition, Nassau County Heroin Prevention Task Force, and Source the Station.

In order to serve her community even better, Janice is participating in Leadership Initiative, where she can learn the proper techniques and avenues to become an advocate. Janice’s experience, as well as participation in PLI will certainly guide her to be an even more involved community member.