Jacqueline Shelley

Jacqueline Shelley has been active in personal, individual ,family and community wellness since 1989 when she received her Masters in Social Work, and subsequent LCSW thereafter.  Her personal and professional philosophy is to live proactively.  She interprets that every day and situation holds potential gifts and opportunities, even the most difficult ones, and has lived it.

Ms Shelley has extensive post graduate experience and education. She is a Certified Family Therapist, Group Therapist, Hypnotherapist, addiction counselor and Havening practitioner.

Ms Shelley employs a combination of techniques including the above, as well as meditation, coaching,  movement such as yoga and Tai Chi to help facilitate healing and promote optimal wellness in her clients.

In addition, she is the is the founder and director of Danny’s Dream Foundation, a 501c-3 that focuses on reducing the stigma of mental illness, addiction, and importantly Suicide Prevention . Their website can be viewed at dannysdream.org, and on facebook at Danny’s Dream Foundation.

She is excited to join the Time to Play Foundation’s team as an Enjoy Life Coach to maximize her desire help people live more resilient, meaningful lives.