The War with Estrogen

Ah, estrogen you were once my friend, but lately there is a lot news about estrogen dominance. It seems it can be a very bad thing if you have too much or to little. Imbalances usually occur during menopause but if you are on birth control you can have issues also. Estrogen doesn’t just control the menstrual cycle, it keeps cholesterol in check, protects bones in both men and women and affects your brain.
Not all estrogen imbalances are naturally occurring, the chemicals in the foods we eat can mimic estrogen, called xenoestrogens, these free radicals attach themselves to receptors and throw the body out of whack. Not surprising, bisphenol A (BPA),found in plastics (including can lining, water bottles, toys) is a xenoestrogen.  In the weeks ahead we’ll be talking about this allot more. For more information on xenoestrogen and phytoestrogens go to

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