Diabetes increase from 1980-2014


I am a NYS Department of Health Diabetes Prevention Counselor.  As I was preparing for our Internet Radio Empower Half Hour Podcast today for healthy eating, I googled for a statistic for the number of people who had diabetes in 1980 to present for my discussion.

I had looked at the Center for Disease Control statistics before, but nothing was as visual as the chart I found http://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/statistics/prev/national/figpersons.htm today.  The chart shows the “Number (in Millions) of Civilian, Non-Institutionalized Persons with Diagnosed Diabetes, United States, 1980-2014″ and noted that Diabetes is becoming more common in the United States. From 1980 through 2014, the number of Americans with diagnosed diabetes has increased fourfold (from 5.5 million to 22.0 million).”

Check out the chart.

Diabetes is the largest contributor to chronic diseases.  You don’t want it if you don’t have it.  Trust me.  I’ve worked in nursing homes since 2001.  Please comment or contact me.  You have to be healthy to enjoy life.  It’s part of the time to play philosophy.

Love, Doreen

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