A story about Spirit having you use mediumship abilities to help someone in everyday life!

Clairaudience is the ability to hear those in Spirit. Sometimes those in Spirit are deceased people and other times it can be a teacher or guide. It can be confusing to some who are just opening to this ability, trying to discern your own thoughts from those of a separate being when those thoughts seem to be coming from inside your own head. As with all the abilities I have unfolded and use to assist my clients and students, I also use them in everyday life. Years ago as I was unfolding my clairaudience, Spirit or in this case my guides gave me an opportunity to test my clairaudience while assisting another. It also provided me with an opportunity to follow guidance even when it was contrary to what I normally do.
I had two dogs back then, my pitbull mix named Chloe and my sheltie, named Duncan. One afternoon while I was home, I heard a male voice who I believed was my guide telling me to go take a walk. So sice I was not doing anything else at the time, I figured I would test it. I asked “where?” The voice said, “to the private beach and bring the dog.” Since I had two dogs and they said to bring a dog, I asked “which dog?” A very loud and stern voice said, “take the pitbull and bring your cell phone.” At that time, I never walked to the private beach and I grumped about bringing Chloe the pit bull rather than Duncan because Chloe pulled a lot and would hurt my neck in the process. But there was no mistaking what the guide had said when it came resounding through to “bring the pit bull”. So I did and hoped she would not pull my neck out as I slipped my cell phone into my jacket pocket.
When I got there, I was told to turn down the volume of the music I was listening to on my ipod and to watch. I observed two young couples on the beach high school or college age and a couple of children playing ball in the other direction. I thought to myself “So now what?” and wondering why on earth did they want me here watching strangers on the beach with my pit bull?” Despite only thinking that in my mind, I heard them tell me to continue watching. All of a sudden, the young man from one of the couples started yelling at the other couple ordering them off the beach. He said they did not belong there because they did not live in the association. I live in a neighborhood that is divided into two associations. The private beach is two pieces of beach that lay next to eachother, there is no fence nor any real line of demarcation once you are on the beach.
The young couple being yelled at tried to ignore the aggressive one. I remained watching as Spirit told me. Next the aggressive young man starting throwing rocks and shells towards the couple while trying to egg the male into a fight. I heard the male say, “I do not want to get into a fight, I leave for basic training in a couple of weeks and do not want to blow my chances.” The young lady with the aggressive male asked him to leave the other couple alone, but he refused to listen to her. He threw another rock or shell and this time it ricocheted and hit the young female of the couple being harassed. Her companion was not quite sure what to do, he did not want to fight but now this other person had escalated to actually hitting his companion. The woman hit by the stone told the aggressive young man she would call the police if he did not stop. He continued and started approaching them menacingly. She pulled out a phone and I heard her say, “I don’t have service”. I had been sitting on a bench about 30 feet away and apparently out of their view.
At this point, Spirit told me to “Speak up” startling me since I had become engrossed watching the whole altercation while also keeping an eye on the two young children playing ball by themselves a short distance from this altercation. But upon being told by Spirit to “Speak up”, I just muttered to myself, “oh crap, here we go.” I yelled out to the aggressive young man, “there is a grown up here and I have watched the whole thing, now leave them alone.” The young man looked up at me and then proceeded to harass the young couple in spite of what I said. So, I loudly repeated myself to this young man of about 17 years of age, “I have been a witness to all of this and if they call the police, I will back them up, (pointing to the harassed couple). The police will listen to me, an adult who is not involved in the situation but a witness to it. There are children playing here and the behavior you are exhibiting is out of line to begin with and even more so in front of children.” At this point the belligerent young man, quite angry at me for not only speaking up but scolding him, headed towards me. I am thinking, “Oh boy here we go, he is at least a head taller and full of teenage testosterone” trying to calculate my next move since I am not only petite but also have a really bad back, so I was not going to be able to take him physically. I momentarily forgot I had brought my pitbull as Spirit directed despite of my initial protests of doing so. She had been sitting quietly under the bench the whole time I was watching everything. As he took his third step towards me, she jumped out from under the bench in attack stance, hair standing up, teeth snarling and growling. Upon being seen by the aggressive young man, he decided to turn around and not pick a fight with us. While he had been distracted by me and my pitbull, the young woman had walked over to me. Back then, I rarely carried my cell phone when I took a walk so when she asked if I had a phone, I was about to say, No. Then I remembered Spirit had told me to bring the pitbull and my cell phone. So, I said yes, pulled it out and lo and behold it had service. I turned my attention to the aggressive young man and spoke loudly to the 911 operator explaining the situation and our location. He ran off and left the nice young couple alone. Shaken up, they thanked me and also started to leave. Just to be on the safe side, I followed them up the stairs with Chloe running loose to make sure they were able to leave without being approached again.
This experience worked for me. I had the opportunity to test my clairaudience and showed up in the right place at the right time for someone else. I was able to use it in an everyday life situation not just as a medium bringing through a message for a recipient. I often tell my students that unfolding your mediumship abilities not only allows you to communicate with loved ones from the other side but also enhances your everyday life on many levels.

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