The Holiday Season is meant to be an exciting time spent with friends and family, but stressing about the temptation for sweets and extra calories can put a damper on the fun.  Here are some ways to fend off holiday weight gain and tips to enjoy the season without over-indulging.

Start your day with a well-rounded breakfast, such as an omelet with whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit.  Neglecting breakfast could lead to excess calorie binging later in the day.

Choose healthy snack items before your office party or holiday gathering: you will be less tempted to snack on high-calorie foods.

At a buffet, make your first plate a small taste of everything you want to try, that way a trip for seconds can only be small portions of your favorites.                                                                      

Focus on the event and the company you’re with, not the food.  Spend time conversing and catching up with friends and coworkers.

Alternate water or calorie free beverages between holiday cocktails: you will reduce intake of a calorie-packed drinks and reduce the urge to snack when inhibitions are low.

Don’t set new goals.  Although it sounds negative, it is difficult keep your normal, healthy routine through the holiday season.  Striving to maintain your current weight is enough of a goal. Weigh yourself every day.  Seeing the number on the scale will remind you of your healthy habits you work hard at all year long.

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