Refrigerator Karma Week?

I'm Outta Here!

I’m Outta Here!

It seems like things have been going crazy in my life lately. Things that don’t usually happen – disturbing, upsetting and disrupting things. I got some Raid in my eye when I was spraying at an angle I thought was enough away from me. I had a strange evening with a male friend – the miscommunication made for an interesting encounter…the results of a sonogram raised questions and then my refrigerator died. All this in the space of a week! Oh, and my socks seem to keep falling down.

Like so many of us, I feel like I’ve already got way more than enough to deal with as it is – Aaaahhhhh!

An Opportunity to Lighten Up…

And then, in the midst of freaking out with the overwhelm of having to throw out all of the freezer and fridge food that was now spoiled, a friend called. I told him everything that was happening and he told me not to focus on the negative things or to look for proof that they keep happening because that will just open the door to bringing more in. Then he told me his refrigerator story. He had to have his fridge replaced a week ago because a mouse got into his apartment – and he has three cats – who must have terrified the mouse so that it hid, and subsequently died, under the fridge.

That happened to me when I was in college and I know how bad it smells! It was so bad that they had to replace his refrigerator. And then he said to me, “maybe this is refrigerator karma week – all the refrigerators decided to leave so they can move on to their next lives.” That made me laugh and gave me an entirely different perspective on things.

Three Different Takeaways from this Experience

I believe things happen the way they do for a reason. My friend’s call came at such a crucial moment and helped me to release and re-frame my negative experience of things. You could say it was divine intervention.

Look for my next post – I’ll be sharing an interpretation of all this chaos as seen through the “Course in Miracles.”

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