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Well, we are almost through the winter (I never count it completely out till mid-april). Now it’s time to think about Spring and some new looks to add to your wardrobe. Not just clothes and cosmetics but maybe a new color for your hair. Most people keep to the same style or something similar for a very long time, years in some cases.

It’s time to try something new and why not a new color (hey Guys YOU too!)? Ok, so you are a drab brown or getting way too grey. Or maybe you have been the same solid color for years, or you have “virgin hair”(a rarity these days). A good place to start would be subtle highlights (areas where the hair has been lightened to pick up the hairs tone). It can be very subtle or very dramatic, but realize your color will take on lighter contrasting tones. You can also add lowlights which are deeper darker tones that define and punch up the lighter, brighter tones. Lowlights give dimension to a single process, both lowlights and highlights can be used together or separately to enhance even your natural color.

Frasada has a superior team of stylists, but once again the Owner and Master Stylist takes center stage… What Can’t Claudia do?? Maybe change the engine on the space shuttle (I said maybe). But I have seen her take raw talent and turn them into great stylists.

If you’re still not sure, my suggestion is to please think outside “The Box”! I am fortunate enough to work in one of the premiere salons in New York. Our elite staff of color specialists is headed by Claudia Franzino. She is our Master Colorist whose work has been well known for over 35 years. Claudia demands perfection from our staff, often saying “why be a VW bug when you can be a Porsche or Lamborghini!!”

We are also lucky to have Alicia (a True Color Artiste’), Regina (edgy, fun, the Blonde Ambition of Frasada), Gabriella (who is young, cutting edge and always forward thinking) and we just added a new jewel to our color crown. She is Deborah, a seasoned professional, teacher, trainer and color authority. So if you are considering something to zoom up your new look we can also help you pick out new make-up to help with your new color.

Melvi, who is seasoned with talent and spice from El Salvador, uses her greatest tool, listening. She listens, suggests and then she creates, but always with the “input” of her client.

Josephine adds old World Charm with super talent. Like Melvi, she always creates her style based on what her client desires.

Dana is young, cutting edge and talented. She always brings in a fresh approach to any situation. We are also blessed with Norma, her talent doubles in color and styling and she always has the “we can do that” attitude. She makes it happen.

And then we have our rising stars, Royce (as in Rolls Royce, because she is!) Stephanie (a beautiful jewel who knows who to bring out the best in her client based on their needs) and Arlenie. From the moment I saw this young lady wield a blow dryer I knew she would be a star!

Do I sound like I am surrounded by talent? Well I am! After all they create the frame for my beautiful faces and that’s what it’s all about. It’s like I always say… Why look good when you can look great?!

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