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No matter your age, no matter what your style there is a false lash that will be just right to Give your Look an Extra special something…there are so many possibilities, and everybody loves the look of long, luscious lashes.

And it starts with a lash curler

  • First make sure the curler is clean and the rubber “pad” is secure.
  • Press down on it gently with your finger.
  • Now, make sure your eyelashes are clean and well separated.
  • Use a lash comb or disposable mascara wand.
  • Open the Lash Curler, look down into a mirror.
  • Gently slip it over your lashes. Be careful not to pinch the skin!
  • Make sure the Lash Curler is about midpoint on your Eyelashes.
  • Press down and pump the curler. It will bend the eyelashes up.
  • Hold about three seconds. Repeat on the other eye.
  • Now you can add either the strip or individual lashes you have selected.
  • Make Sure you have taken any excess glue off the back of the lashes.
  • Next, squeeze out a small line of the eyelash glue (I like Duo glue for lash strips).
  • Pick up the lash strip from the front with the tweezer.
  • Measure it by laying it on your eyelid to see how it fits.
  • Remove it and see how much excess needs to be cut (I always take part off the front and back to ensure balance).
  • Once you get the size right, pick the strip up again from the front.
  • Dip the back into the glue to coat the back line of the lash strip.
  • Once it’s coated count 30, let the glue get a little tacky.
  • Lay the strip onto your lash line, take the back of the tweezer, press it against the back of the strip to help secure it to the lash root.
  • Bat those lashes – see if it is secure!
  • When they are, add a line just at the lash root with a pencil or liquid (I like cake eyeliner for this job — Best of All!)

False eyelash strips are the easiest way to make your everyday look Holiday Sensational. They will last the night. Once your event is over, just peel them off. Use an oil based make-up remover to clean off your eyelids.
The strip can be reused if you gently clean off the back and replace them back in their case.

There are also individual eyelash bundles. They can be added a few to add accent or completely across for a complete set. If you are looking for a true Natural look, the individual bundles are the best way to achieve it.

If you want this look to be the easiest, I suggest finding an Eyelash Expert (like myself for instance). I have been applying false eye lashes to clients for over 30 years. You can find me at Frasada in Oceanside. Let me help you “Lash OUT ” your look for the holidays you will be a smash at it and the envy of every unlashed eye around you!

Happy Holidays, everyone and remember… “Why look Good when you can look Great!”

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