The Five Secrets To Attain and Sustain the Life of Your Dreams

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The Five Secrets are very powerful steps and when organized properly will create a system for success. I’m excited to share this life changing information with you! So lets Begin!

1.) Definite Decision

The first and by far the most vital of steps is the definite decision, without a definite decision nothing else can take place! Notice how I clearly stated “Definite Decision” The keyword being “Definite”. The dictionary defines “Definite” as “known for certain”. It is simply not enough to just make a decision. We live in a disposable society today that changes its mind constantly and because of that we to often decide to do something and then change our mind the next day and begin to do something else. Without a definite decision we open ourselves up to an immediate stumbling block and without a definite decision we can easily allow for excuses and fear to change our mind and create a new decision, and that restarts the whole process over. This pattern of repeating decisions over andover again can become a source of time wasting practices. We are a people who tend to get really excited to start new things and that is exciting, but if we are not careful, once fear or lack of faith arise we can tend to change our decision to a new one in an attempt to avoid fear and renew our faith. All of this waste time and cripples any further success! There must be a Decision and it must be “Definite”!

Are you ready to make a definite decision?If so, what is it ? ________________________________

2.) Attitude for Action

Definition of Action – Something done ( usually as opposed to something said )If you have done any sort of personal development for any length of time, I am sure you have heard the statement ”attitude is everything” and truth be told there is an enormous amount of wealth in that statement but lets take it one step further! Lets clarify what kind of attitude. The secret is action! When we develop an attitude for action we now have a mind set to sustain and nurture our Definite Decision! If we look back at the simple definition of action and create a sentence including attitude, it would look like this, ” having an attitude to get something done, not just something said” Attitude for action is vital. This gift I give to you in this 5 step process started with a definite decision to write it down and share it with you followed by the attitude for action to get it done as opposed to simply just saying it! An attitude for action has to become a part of your personal culture and as a standard you set for your life! I have found that having an attitude for action as my standard operating procedure has allowed me to move forward so fast that I can accomplish my chosen decision long before fear or doubt can ever creep in to my thoughts. Simply put “Move faster then what might stop you”. An attitude for action must me the natural follow up default once a definite decision is made!

What is your current attitude? ___________________Are you ready for Action?_________________

3.) Vision for Victory Definitions:

Vision- A vivid mental image – the formation of a mental image of something that is not perceived as real and is not present to the senses Victory- A successful ending of a struggle or contest The third secret is a vision for victory. Lets go back to the dictionary and look at some of the definitions and once again create a sentence that brings this statement to life! In looking at the definitions above we can make a powerful secret revealing sentence that looks like this. “A vivid mental image of a successful ending”. Bam!! Its that simple, no need for anything else said. The dictionary gave us more information then required. Now you are gonna say to me, “Joe, what kind of mental image and what is my successful ending!” Once again that is simple! Are you ready for this? Lets go back to secret step #1 Definite Decision and you will find the answer. You are creating a vivid mental image of your definite decision with a successful ending, all driven to a victorious conclusion because of your attitude for action! Realize this that having a vision is an act of great power. You can visualize your thoughts and see the end long before it is perceived as real to the rest of the world. I will paraphrase the great modern day philosopher Jim Rohn when he made a similar statement that ” Thoughts are not totally real but they are almost real. Thoughts are not nothing there for they must be something! That is some powerful stuff right there.

What is your vision and what does victory look like in your thoughts? __________________________

4.) Pursue your Plan Definitions:

Plan- A series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished Pursue- Carry further or advance“A series of steps to further advance”! Having a plan or shall we say a blue print of your course of action is a vital and powerful tool! Let me ease your troubled mind right here and let you know something that is truly amazing! Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect right from the start, Woo Hoo what a relief right? I struggled for what seemed like an eternity trying to be perfect with my planning. Perfection is not for the human race, we leave that to God! What we can do is put together a plan that we are excited to follow and as we carry out this plan we can make the necessary adjustments. Developing you plan and then pursuing it is a very liberating experience that very few people will come to know. You are reading this material and that puts you in a separate category and qualifies you and provides a little bit more proof that you are worthy of such a plan! Practice planning and creating steps for the different aspects of your life. You may start by creating a simple step by step plan to clean your garage. Have a plan then put it into action. You may want to start even smaller if need be. Write a plan to wash you clothes. I know it sounds simple. My point is to impress upon you the importance of developing and pursuing a plan. Once it becomes a normal operating procedure for you, I think you will find it of no difficulty to create and pursue plans big or small.

What is a plan you will write and begin pursuing as practice?_________________________What is a plan you will write as a blueprint for success?_____________________________

5) Celebration of your Success Definition:Celebration:

A joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event Success: an event that accomplishes its intended purpose Lets for the last time make a powerful sentence that reveals a secret. The celebration of success is, “A joyful occasion for special festivities to mark the accomplishment of an intended purpose”! The celebration of success is the final piece of a very powerful concept! This final step marks the conclusion of an accomplished plan and solidifies it for all eternity. The significance of this is earth shattering if you understand it. Much like the solidifying of concrete the completion and celebration marks the completion and the new beginning of your next plan. It allows you to build onto the next even larger plan and gives you a checkpoint to reference. Don’t underestimate the celebration of success and make sure you celebrate other success’s as well. The one caution I do have is to make sure that you do not celebrate to soon! Complete the steps and reap the rewards. I’m confident that if you apply these secret steps which for those who use them are not so secret, you will enjoy a success revolution in your life! I leave you with a powerful statement to repeat each day to sharpen your thoughts based on all we have discussed.

“I know for certain that I have made a definite decision and I have an attitude to get _______________ done and not just said.

I have a vivid mental image of a successful ending. With that attitude for action I will put together and pursue a series of steps to advance. Upon completion I will celebrate this joyful occasion to mark my accomplishment and prepare for my next great undertaking!

Let the Freedom and Success Revolution Begin!!

– Joe Farina

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