Glutathione: Your Body’s Best Kept Secret!


Glutathione, known as the body’s “Master Antioxidant,” is crucial to optimal health as it offers optimal cell performance and antioxidant support to fight against body stressors and aging. As it detoxifies cells of drugs, heavy metals and oxidative stress reactants, it goes on to support a healthy immune system as well as aid in the transportation of crucial amino acids (tissue building blocks) across the cellular membrane. 

Glutathione is directly related to mitochondrial health. The mitochondria are our cellular powerhouses for energy and endurance. When exercising, or under any type of strain, we traumatize the mitochondria. Physical stressors, including intense physical training, have the potential to cause inflammation and trauma to the tissue. This impairs glutathione levels, making it necessary to continually replace and maintain.

Glutathione can be derived from nutrient precursors such as whey protein, vitamin C, glutamine, sulforaphanes (from cruciferous vegetables), curcumin (from turmeric), and green tea, to name a few. Oral pill forms can be inconsistent, depending on the brand. In my opinion, S-Acetyl Glutathione is the best oral form currently available.  With my patients and in my own life, I have found that IV therapy is the ultimate cellular infusion for high performance benefits and dramatic outcomes.

With the physical demands and barrage of toxins in daily life, don’t let your cells miss out on the benefits of Glutathione. In my estimation it is an absolute must have for preservation of abundant health and longevity. 

Medical Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. The information discussed here does not take the place of treatment from a licensed physician or healthcare professional. The author expressly disclaims responsibility from any adverse effects arising from the application of any information contained in this blog. All information is based solely on the opinions, observations, experiences and interpretation of data available to the author.

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