It's All About Time

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As always, I’m thinking again. 

A few years ago we bought a used boat.  The name of the boat is “It’s All About Time”.  We were going to change the name to something family oriented, but superstitions did not allow us to do so.  If you change a boat name you have to re-christen it.  With a fear of sinking, we decided to just let it be.  So, we’re put “It’s All About Time” into the water for the past few years, not using it as much as we would like because, well, we just don’t have the time.

Time.  It is the center of everything we do.  “It’s all about time”.  How many times do we hear or say:  What Time is it?  Do you have the Time?  I didn’t finish – I ran out of Time.  I’d love to, but I don’t have the Time.  Where did the Time go?  There’s never enough Time.  Time management.  Time savings tips.  Time to sleep.  Time to wake up.  Time for work.  Sick Time.  Vacation Time.  Time to go home.  Time goes so fast.  You get the idea.

Time to Play.  The idea came to me a year ago during Americade, a motorcycle rally we had attended.  We wanted to go for years and finally booked the trip and went.  At 45 and 47 years old we were pretty much the youngest people there.  I looked around.  There were people “playing”.  They were doing something they loved and having a great time.  I thought about something my mother-in-law said  to me that repeats in my mind all the time.  My in-laws are retired and take a lot of trips.  Why?  To get it all in (bucket list) before they can’t do it.  They are taking time to play.  The people at Americade were taking time to play.  I realized that I needed to take time to play.  Something that I don’t generally do.  I work.  I think.  Actually, I really don’t know how to play, but I’m trying. 

It’s All About Time.  What’s important?  What brings happiness?  So, as it has been right in front of me, I realize it is all about time.  What do you spend your day doing?  Is it something you want to do?  Something that makes you healthy? Something that makes you happy?  Something that makes you financially stable?  Something that brings balance to your life?

I’d like to talk to people about how they spend their time.  What brings them enjoyment.  What things did they cross off their bucket list.  What do they do to save time so they can have time to play. 

It’s all about time, and it’s time to play.

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# # # is a website in progress for over a year with a goal to help people have a better quality of life.  We are looking for contributors to be professional resources that have information on happiness, health, financial and work/life balance.  We also need people to add their clubs and events so people can find camraderie and companionship.  Please go to to add your stuff — hey, we built it!  Now we need you to use it!

It's Not OK

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It’s not ok to identify a problem and not solve it

It’s not ok to not recycle

It’s not ok to take advantage of someone

It’s not ok to ignore someone’s needs

It’s not ok to ignore someone’s rights

It’s not ok to feed our kids crappy school lunches

It’s not ok to not help each other

It’s not ok to lie

It’s not ok to be mean

It’s not ok to steal from someone

It’s not ok to not see the beauty in the world

It’s not ok to not take advantage of the opportunities that surround us – the beauty of the beach, the wonderful museums, events, etc.

It’s not ok to hurt someone

It’s not ok to make someone feel bad

It’s not ok to give up and just take it

Its’ not ok to ignore something.  Fix it.

It’s not ok to be inconsiderate or selfish

It’s not ok to always be working or to work too hard

It’s not ok to duplicate efforts – for example, causes for cancer.  If people with the same goals work together for the common good, we will get much further.

It’s not o.k. to not have friends

It’s not ok not to smile

It’s not ok to miss the little things

It’s not ok to not be free

It’s not ok to not make it better

It’s not ok for chemicals to be added to our food

It’s not ok to not be healthy

It’s not ok to be sad

It’s not ok to be overwhelmed

It’s not ok to be prejudice

It’s not ok to oppress others

It’s not ok to use our people as disposable items.

It’s not ok to not realize each and every person is important – that they are someone’s mother, father, child, spouse, friend.

It’s not ok for our soldiers to fight for our country and not get the support they need when they come back with injuries or post traumatic stress disorder

It’s not ok to not enjoy life

It’s not ok for lobbyists to persuade how our laws are made instead of our laws being made for the good of the people

It’s not ok for our politicians to not work for us

It’s not ok for our politicians to not work in our best interests

It’s not ok for someone to take away your (our) quality of life

It’s not ok to leave a mess someone else has to clean up

It’s not ok that there is a job where someone has to clean an animal with a toothbrush

It’s not ok to overfish our oceans

It’s not ok to hurt our environment

It’s not ok to be stressed out

It’s not ok to be frustrated

It’s not ok to not follow your dreams

It’s not ok to not achieve your potential

It’s not ok to not say it’s not ok

– – –

It’s ok to start a revolution.

It’s ok to do something.

It’s ok to be outraged to move to action.

It’s ok to change it.

Copyright August 6, 2011, Doreen Lenore Guma, All Rights Reserved

Visit my midlife crisis project — my goal is to make people smile again: — Resources for a Better Life.  Let’s help each other.  Together we can make things better.

Response from Yesterday's Post Making the World Suck Less and Pursuing a Passion

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In as much as I can’t figure out how to get the comments to post on the wordpress blog so others can see them — if someone knows how, please contact me — I felt this one is something that I should pass on.  This was written by my friend Carol.  She, like many of us, is searching for how to enjoy life.  And, sometimes, due to circumstances (in her case she was laid off), she had the opportunity to pursue a passion to make herself happy.

Read on and think about yourself.  Where are you in your quest for quality of life?  How do you enjoy? Do you stop and smell the roses?

Response From Carol:  “Hey there all! Just wanted to share a little something with you. This may seem silly, but maybe not……
I was laid off in January and have been unable to find any work for the money I was making, so I decided to go outside my box. With my husbands help I have finally been able to “make” my heart smile. I have just started grooming school to become a professional dog groomer and maybe open up my own business in the future. I have helped animals forever and always wanted to help more. I foster when I can, heck I have given a cat a facelift before I had one done on me! Lol…..1,400 dollars later and his lip still sticks a bit and drools sometimes, but he is a happy fellow. My friend took him into her life so I know he is having the best life! :) He was left for dead when someone hit him and kept going as if he had no pain (his skin was literally ripped off his chin) and so many other cars just kept going as well. So sad, where did our compassion go? I also do transports from one place to another when rescue groups save a dog/cat from being destroyed usually within a day or two and heck both my babies are rescues. Anyhew, my point is that I am finally doing something that is meaningful to me. It is just in a little way, but better than nothing at all… right? I know my precious Mother Jeanette is watching me from heaven saving “it is about time Pixie go do something you love”. I only have a small piece of how BIG her heart was, but at least I know I have at least a little piece of her with me forever. I hope this all goes well for me, but if not I tried and I will continue to do so in some other way.”

I say, good for her.  She’s on her way.  We’re all here for a short time.  It’s important to make the most of it.  Pursue your passion.  Make it happen!


Wanting to Make the World Suck Less

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So. . . last week my oldest son, Gregory, and I went into Manhattan to go to a social networking seminar.  I’m totally clueless when it comes to this whole new world.  Frankly, I’m more than lost when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest.  In as much as I don’t want to categorize, I think people in my age group are either too busy or too overwhelmed to really learn this stuff.  (Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s my gut feeling).

Facebook was invented by a college kid, and that’s the group of people who I believe are really taking advantage of using these programs.  Kids and people younger than me.  They’re “playing” online.  It is a bit of a shame, as when I was growing up I really enjoyed face to face conversation, seeing real smiles, hugging people hello and goodbye when we got together, etc.  I marvel at how my kids text their friends before they will pick up a phone now a days.  Hey, if I wasn’t so concerned about an emergency I would absolutely not even consider having a land-line telephone in my house anymore.  No one calls.  No one talks on it.

Nevertheless — back to the conference and what we learned.  There was a man named Alexis Ohanian there as one of the presenters.  He was co-founder of Reddit, a site my son (he’s 19) is totally familiar with and I still have yet to go on and check out.  He was talking to us about his  new endeavor helping the world through the use of not-for-profit fundraising he does on his new “Pig Bread” venture.  Why?? To help the world suck less.  So, he now sells books and other stuff and donates 100% of the proceeds.  He showed one example where they are building a school in a third world country.

I loved what he said.  It is 100% my reason for starting  So the world doesn’t suck as much for us working people, so we realize we need a little quality of life, so we find ways that we can become more happy, healthy, have money, and have some type of work/life balance.  After all, if you are missing one of these 4 things, there is no way you could have a good life.  Think about it.  You’ll realize I’m right.

So, we old folks need to stick together.  My concept for is “people helping people”.  You got a specialty that can help someone?  Become a professional resource.  You got a club that someone else would enjoy?  Post it and post your meetings so people can come.  Make friends.  Smile.  And there’s more.  I tried to include everything and anything that could help someone have a better life.  We have things to help some charities, too, and I’d also like to grow that part of the project with funding and awareness.  I’d love feedback and participation.

Hey, we built it!  Now we need you to use it.  Email me at or call 631-331-2675 to give feedback.

The site is new.  I didn’t build it for me.  I built it for us.  So the world will suck less.

Hope to hear from you!